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Maintenance Software: Don't let the 'Mob Rule' in your Facility

We've all heard a lot about 'mob rule' in the news lately. Those of us out here working for a living are hearing that either angry and frustrated citizens, or mobs depending on your point of view, are giving some Washington lawmakers grief over the current healthcare debate. Hmmm... sounds like more of the same from that place.
 Maintenance Software: Don't let the 'Mob Rule' in your Facility
Meantime, on the national economic front lines are the business warriors trying to shield their facilities and plants from the effects of the recession and limit any losses that could occur due to lower sales and plant inefficiencies. These people certainly are not a 'mob.' These people are us.

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The Affordable Health Care Option for Industrial Plant & Equipment

So the career problem-solvers in Washington, D.C. are trying to figure out how to provide millions of human beings access to comprehensive health care without spending too much over a trillion and half dollars. We wish them good luck with that. But, it does seem like a task designed for politicians by politicians. And, maybe media pundits.

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Government Ownership, Chapter 11 and CMMS

The economy is not doing particularly well right now. As a consequence, the Government has leapt resolutely onto the stage to save thousands of jobs and entire industries from the ravages of financial contraction. This assistance is sometimes paltry; just a few billion dollars. In other instances, they provide somewhat more, including real money.

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